Solid bowl separator(SN) | Maker of the separator Saito separator limited

Solid bowl separator(SN) | Maker of the separator Saito separator limited

Solid bowl separator

Disc bowl centrifuges, batch type | SN SERIES

Solid bowl separator, SN series, is convenient for continuous liquid-liquid separation of solutions which have specific gravity difference.
For example, oily water of fuels, lubrication oils and etc.



  • Purification & Clarification
    engine fuel oil, power station fuel oil, rolling oil, quenching oil, lubrication oil, waste oil treatment, hydraulic oil.
  • Animal & Vegetable oil
    neutralization fatty acid, de-gumming, wool grease, essence oil.
  • Dairy & Beverage
    clarification, cream separation, standardization, peel oil, coffee oil.
  • Synthetic chemistry
    synthetic latex, monomer, polymer.

Special Features

  • Fine stable operation
    With Saito’s perfect balancing skill of the bowl, no abnormal vibrations or inferior separation will occur.
  • Ideal separation quality
    The most suitable model shall be selected considering the purification level of heavy phase and light phase. This is possible from Saito’s longstanding experience of separating various products.
  • Stable separation quality
    Continuous separation of the following products is available by using Saito’s purifier; liquids which have greater heavy phase, have unstable mixture ratio, have unstable feed rate, etc.
  • Easy self-maintenance
    Any user can handle Saito centrifuge without any difficulty upon the maintenance for simple design and structure.
  • Wide range of use
    By installing optional parts, the clarification level can be boosted to operate solid-liquid separation.


SNP-PS Model
Type Capacity(L/H) Speed (r.p.m) Motor(KW)
SNP-300PS 300 9,000 0.4
SNP-500PS 500 8,000 0.75
SNP-1000PS 1,800 8,000 2.2
SNP-3000PS 5,000 7,500 5.5
SNP-5000PS 10,000 6,500 7.5
SNP-10000PS 20,000 5,000 18.5

SNC-CS Model
Type Capacity(L/H) Speed (r.p.m) Motor(KW)
SC-300S 500 9,000 0.75
SNC-500CS 1,000 8,000 1.5
SNC-1000CS 3,000 8,000 3.7
SNC-3000CS 9,000 7,300 7.5
SNC-5000CS 15,000 6,300 11
SNC-10000CS 30,000 5,000 25

※Model type SMP & SMC, exclusive series for purification & clarification of milk products, also available for your convenience.
※Please note that all specifications are subject to change without notice due to product improvements.