Saito bio-concentrator(Y) | Maker of the separator Saito separator limited

Saito bio-concentrator(Y) | Maker of the separator Saito separator limited

Saito bio-concentrator

Disc bowl centrifuges, nozzle type | Y SERIES

【Change the product name】
「Saito yeast separators」→「Saito bio-concentrator」

Saito Bio-Concentrator, a nozzle-type centrifuge designed for processing high concentration solutions. Selection of SUS304 or SUS316 available for the liquid contact section. Sanitary designed and capable of CIP. We select perfect materials to invent our separator. From long years of technique & trust, we make great progress in creating super-sized models. Design varies from totally-enclosed type to built-in collector pump type.

Special features

  • The introduced feed will reach into the bowl uniformly via the distributor, and will run through the gaps of disc stack. A super centrifugal force, approximately from 5,000 to 9,000 of G-force, will sediment & concentrate the solid contents to the bowl’s interior wall for nozzle discharge. As for the collected clarified liquid, it will be discharged from the outlet at the upper part of the bowl. Saito Bio-Concentrator enables 5 to 10 more times of concentration from only one process operation.
Saito bio-concentrator Cross-section diagram of the bowl

High Concentration

  • BIO, the majoring market these recent years, and the fermentation market, necessary of delicate conditions & demands, Saito Bio-Concentrator, the Y Series, can satisfy your needs for mass-volume-production & high-concentration. Saito Bio-Concentrator is an ideal high-concentration typed machine which enhance the efficiencies of yield ratio & cleaning. Our nozzle, applied with tungsten carbide, abrasion-resistant & acid-resistant, is designed to carry out easy replacements. Above all, for anti-choke of nozzles, segment parts are installed.
Saito bio-concentrator High Concentration


  • Saito Bio-Concentrator supports our customers’ cleaning & steam-cleaning process with perfect design & material selection. Cleaning process, continuous operation available, after finishing feed introduction.
Saito bio-concentrator Cleaning

Standard Cleaning Program
Program Time
1.Preliminary rinsing 5 70
2.Alkaline washing 40 70
3.Intermediate rinsing 5 70
4.Acid washing 20 70
5.Final rinsing 5 70
6.Cooling 5 Cold water

※Steam cleaning process recommended for less contamination.


Saito bio-concentrator Application

  • Fermented product
    beakers yeast, torula yeast, brewer yeast, lactic acid
  • Cultivated fungus
    algae, cholera
  • Clarification organism suspension.


Type Capacity
Bowl speed
Y-31 250 1.5 7,000 160 0.5×0.4×0.8
Y-55S 5,000 3.7 8,000 400 1.4×0.6×1.4
Y-250S 15,000 11 5,500 1,000 1.5×0.6×1.65
Y-250 20,000 11 5,500 1,000 1.5×0.6×1.6
Y-500S 20,000 22 5,500 1,200 1.5×0.7×1.6
Y-500 50,000 18.5 5,500 1,250 1.5×0.7×1.6

※S:built-in collector
※Please note that all specifications are subject to change without notice due to product improvements.